Securing a Bright Future for Farmington

Melissa Layton for Farmington City Council

For eleven years I have lived, shopped, worked, and actively participated in the Farmington community.  I appreciate the vibrant, welcoming feel Farmington offers, as well as the way residents support and help each other.

I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and have served on our elementary and junior high community councils for over six years. Additionally, I have served as both a state and county delegate. I can appreciate and understand the sacrifices our leaders/volunteers make to help our community run efficiently and effectively.

“I am willing to listen, learn, and honorably represent the citizens of Farmington!”

My husband, Jeremy, and I are parents to seven children. Our family is involved with the recreation sports programs, and we love utilizing the hiking and biking trail systems. I believe in funding and supporting our Parks and Rec department!

I love that Farmington is a safe place to raise my family.  I support our local law enforcement and emergency responders. Careful and conservative use of our resources and funds will secure Farmington’s bright future.

I am not coming to the political scene with any personal agenda; rather, I am a mother, wife, teacher, citizen, and neighbor. I am willing to listen, learn, and honorably represent the citizens of Farmington!